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Artwork for A Chaos Of Souls Series by R.M. Garino


where monsters, magic & mayhem come to life

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The Chaos Of Souls Series
  • E'ine  ( Eee - eyen ) : They are the parents of the Lethen'al. These guys were fractured into millions of fragments, called si'ru, during the mass exodus through Heaven's gateway. Their punishment; to be reformed into humanoids that are immortal, but will never be entirely their true selves because of the shattering of their si'ru. They can die from wounds or sickness, but not old age, and their aging process is agonizingly slow. They've retained some of their magical abilities, but because they are put together with random si'ru, their skills pale in comparison to their children, the Lethen'al. They do not retain knowledge from before The Fracturing. Think of them as the first Settlers in a new world, whereas the Lethen'al are more like the Pioneers who venture further afield. 

  • Lethen'al ( Leth - en - all ) : Born from the E'ine (in the natural way in which mammals are born); they are more whole than the E'ine. Si'ru are naturally drawn to a pregnant Lethen'al. A Lethen'al can also die from wounds or sickness if there are no Magi around, but they do eventually die from age. They typically live for two thousand years. Because the Lethen'al are more whole beings, they are typically stronger and more adept with telepathy and magic than the E'ine. 

  • Aesari ( Ah - sar - ree) : What the E'ine were before the exodus. Akin to angels, these beings resided in Heaven until something made them flee. They are full of magical might. 

  • Lo'ademn ( Low - ad - dem ) : They are Aesari that had permission to pass through Heaven's gateway to hunt their wayward brethren. They were not torn asunder and retain their magical abilities and knowledge. They cannot exist on the physical plane without a physical vessel, however, so they take over and possess whatever poor body they find to occupy. They can be killed and shattered into si'ru should these physical forms be destroyed, although few figure out how to pull that off. Because of the order to hunt their brethren, and because of how long the Lethen'al evaded them, these Aesari have turned hateful and cruel in their wait. The E'ine and Lethen'al call them the Lo'ademn to differentiate between what they once were and the monsters that they now are. ​​

  • Si'ru ( See - roo ) : When an E'ine or Lethen'al dies, their souls evaporate into tiny pieces of animated light that float around until a new Lethen'al is conceived. They attach themselves to the baby's sin'del until they form a full Lethen'al. A pregnant Lethen'al has hundreds of tiny lights around her by the end of her pregnancy. Talk about a pregnancy glow!

  • Sin'del ( Sin - dell ) : The visible life force of a Lethen'al or E'ine. Akin to an aura, their souls are so great that they extend outward from their physical form and surround them. They are pieces of Aesari, after all. A skilled Lethen'al can manipulate their sin'del to heal, perform magic, grow plants, and so on. Sin’del’s are a prominent part of the story, as it also shows the colorful emotions the characters might be feeling at any given time.

We got your back with insider information. Six little terms will get you ahead of the game.

Is it necessary for you to know them before you begin the series? Nah, because you would naturally understand as you read along like with any new fantasy book.

But this is a guide, and it's here for fun and ease.

let's begin with 6 basic terms for the series:


There is a glossary at the end of each book.

the series in a nutshell:

The Chaos Of Souls Series
Shrulk, monster from the Chaos of Souls Series.
  • Why we call it the chaos of souls series: Why we call it the Chaos of Souls series: When the Aesari fled Heaven, they were fragmented into millions of tiny soul fragments called si'ru. They reformed into physical matter, but they were shuffled across a vast area and reformed with the si'ru in their vicinity, which weren't necessarily their own. They are a puzzle put together with the wrong pieces, and they may never be whole again. Hence, they are a chaos of souls.

  • character-driven: The arch of the story is defined by the emotions, thoughts and actions of the characters, not a ton of narration by me. 

  • Action-packed: We like a good fight! Battles and duels abound in this series, but be warned, it can get dark and bloody at times. We've had readers say they could feel the pain like it was happening to them.

  • humor and banter: We also like to laugh, and so do these characters. They'll make you feel like you're part of the inside joke. Humor is laced throughout the series, sometimes inappropriately. 

  • Nerdy magic: One form of our unique magic involves sin'del's (auras). Crystals feature as a form of communication and knowledge. There are many magical devices that will get you excited. Our main character Angus likes to geek out with magical theories and procedures. We balance out his beefy shoulders with an even beefier brain.

  • monsters & creatures: What fantasy would be complete without some cool beasties to fight and enchanting creatures to discover? We deliver on the monsters, magic, and mayhem. 



  • Dynamic characters: Most of the narration is told through the characters' points of view, so you get the vantage of how they're feeling and what they're thinking. We've created well-rounded characters that you'll root for, love and love to hate. 

  • Epic in scope: In this fantasy story there are immediate trials and tribulations, and then we have more overarching goals and storylines that might not be so obvious at first glance. Part of the world features are gates, portals, temples, magic, and monsters. We have six Houses that the characters are divided into which fuels some political intrigue and power struggles. 

  • Sweet Romance: Some readers have called this a slow-burn romance. Sorry to disappoint if you're looking for something steamy. Nothing will throb here but your heart. 

  • tropes: There are several tropes throughout this epic fantasy story, including, but not limited to: Friends to Family, Coming of Age, The Chosen One, The Dark Lord, Good vs Evil, Fated Love, The Mentor, Ancient Settings, All-Powerful Artifacts, Prophecy, An Inheritance / Hidden Truth, Training Sequences, and Conspiracy. 

The Chaos Of Souls Series
Requiem's Reach Book Cover.jpg

What is this book like?

This book brings you into the world during the Apostate's War, and before the creation of The Gates. It tells of the desperate lengths the E'ine (parents of the Lethen'al) go to in order to keep their race alive. 

Our main character, Malachite, is the brains behind the operation. He comes up with an equation that he thinks will open a portal to enable their escape and secure their safety. They assemble an expedition, and the adventure begins ... 

This one is dark, with all the bloody grit of birth and survival.

It's shorter than the others in the series, coming in at around 200 pages.

The prequel

Book Blurb: 

The demons are hunting and the city of angels is under siege.


Malachite believes he has found the location of the fabled lost city of Raqui. It exists only as shards of mythology, relegated to mad ravings in obscure texts. But he believes this is the safe haven his people seek.


He recruits a small company for the expedition, but death hides amongst their numbers. Now, they must survive the fall of their homeland and destroy the Lo’ademn, to align the two realms and open the Gates of Golorath.

Inspiration behind this book:

This was written with the need to understand the second book in order for me to get in the head space of the E’ine (the parents of the Lethen’al). It evolved into its own story and it helped me to understand how The Gates of Golorath formed.


Random ramblings:

Many of the characters from this book will make appearances in the rest of the series. Some have a very prominent role once you get into the third book. So don't worry about getting invested and never hearing about them again ... cause they'll be baaack. 

The Chaos Of Souls Series
The Gates of Golorath Book Cover.jpg